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So I am back from the land in which Ann currently resides and the area that is the model for Camden Falls. I realized that Ann is really rich and an author who doesn’t need to commute, plus she doesn’t have kids who are in school or anything. Therefore, she has the option of finding her dream town and making it her home. She did. There was nary a Target or a strip mall in sight. Only quaint little shops and restaurants. My question: why did she place Camden Falls in MA and not the Hudson River Valley? I have never been to Massachusetts, so perhaps there is an area in Massachusetts which quite resembles the Hudson Valley. But still. Ann, why not represent?

I found this pic of Woodstock Wine and Liquors that illustrates what a Camden Falls store must look like:


Anyway, I have two extremely exciting blog posts planned. One is an expose of the Stamford, CT area. The other is a review of the second Main Street book, which I just purchased tonight. I know, I know, I’m writing a lot about Main Street, but I feel like it’s relevant because it’s a series written by Ann. So yeah, full post tomorrow.

Also, Claudia renamed herself Amy Secrest and started selling her jewelry online. Thanks broken_angel99 for posting this on the bsc livejournal!

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wanderingfrog said, August 25th, 2007 at 10:00 am

Although you’ve actually been to Woodstock, NY in real life, anybody who hasn’t might want to read There’s a Bat in Bunk Five, Paula Danziger’s sequel to The Cat Ate My Gymsuit. The main character spends a day in Woodstock, so you can read about it circa 1980.

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