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Just wanted to draw everyone’s attention to a new BSC site from the same girl who brought us the UK BSC site, BSC Summaries. They’re hilarious. :New Year sleepover at the Schafer-Spier house: BSC: Boys, boys boys! Mallory: Ben has such a nice…nose Dawn: I am, like, so horny. BSC: Resolutions! Mary Anne: I’m going [...]

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Everyone knows about the sites I have linked on the right side–BSC Headquarters, BSC Companion–all standard BSC links. But what about the other interesting BSC stuff out there on the internet? The Miss BSC Pageant is a BSC popularity contest. Right now the voting is limited to determining which BSC books are the most popular, [...]

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Sorry this post has been so long in coming. I have been very busy and also very tired. Let’s start with the cover: This is, I think, the best cover yet. This is because the artist’s problem with bodily proportions are halved but only showing the girls from the waist up. Flora and Ruby both [...]

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