the best friends you’ll never have

Another thing about the biography which I forgot the mention is the rampant feministness of the whole thing. I consider myself a feminist–I don’t really see how anyone who believes in male/female equality could not–but this book takes it far. When it mentions Ann’s mom, the author makes sure to let you know that in those days, women didn’t have a choice in terms of keeping their name. And when Ann’s mother stayed home with Ann and Jane until they had both gone to school, Margot Becker R. wants you to know that women also didn’t have a choice in this respect.

I think this point is quite classist of Margot Becker R., since my grandma went back to work as soon my mother stopped nursing because she couldn’t afford to not work.

But anyway, yeah this part of the book is almost the most ridiculous part. Not quite, but close.

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