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One: The wiki is fixed, thanks to efforts of xxevereverafter! So go there, edit some entires, look up information on your favorite BSC-related topics.

Two: Raina Telgemeier is having a special sale on BSC graphic novel pages! The deal: for 30$ plus shipping, Raina will randomly select a page from the book of your choice. Five dollars of your purchase will go to charity. A great gift for a BSC fan in your life (or yourself).

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! What is your favorite BSC Valentine’s Day book? I like Stacey and the Stolen Hearts, myself. Her outfit on the cover is really cute, I like the Cary Retlin intrigue, and it’s just fun all around.

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bbb said, February 15th, 2009 at 8:12 pm

I like Stolen Hearts a lot too. Also Mary Anne vs. Logan, and for LS books, Karen’s in Love.

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