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If you read Ann’s facebook page, there’s often little tidbits of Important Information hidden among the poorly-spelled missives of her younger fans (LOL I HAEV READ ALL OF THE BOOKS!). Such as: on November 30th, Ann let the following slip:

I’m glad that you’re enjoying the series! As of now, the first eight BSC books are on schedule to be re-issued.

The last I had heard, only the first seven were scheduled and I believe Amazon is only up to Kristy’s Big Day, to be released in February. They seem to be selling well enough, since the last time she mentioned how many will be rereleased on her page, I believe she only said seven. So let’s hope that soon she’ll say nine, then ten, and….

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Melissa said, December 16th, 2010 at 12:25 pm

oooh lets hope she re release the books. In fact, i hope she re release all of them.

I need to get book 9 again as well as the later ones, like Mary Anne and the little princess.

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