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Hi guys! As you may know, I run the BSC Wiki along with cpennylane and pigeonrat. It is, as you can imagine, a pretty big job, so we’re looking for another admin to help us run the wiki.

We’d like someone with PHP experience, who can help us when things go haywire or can figure out a way to make spam bots less of a problem. None of us know PHP, so when something goes wrong, we have to rely on outside sources to fix it.

Other duties include:
-going through recent changes and deleting spam pages and blocking IPs that spam.
-through the recent changes and also checking the new entires that aren’t spam for consistency and overall accuracy. Encyclopedic/obsessive knowledge of the BSC is a big plus.

The PHP thing, though, is the most important. We all have a pretty good grasp of the BSC canon, but computer programming, not so much. So if you’d like to fill the Janine role of Computer Genius for the BSC Wiki, please comment below or email greer @

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