the best friends you’ll never have

Obviously, the best fight title belongs to the “Stacey Goes Bad” arc, which is my favorite plot in the entire series. I outlined why I like this plot so much here and here. But yeah, this fight is just full of awesomeness. A party! Dawn spying behind the jukebox! Someone daring to suggest that there is more to being a teenager than being a part of a “successful business”! And god, the mid-90s-ness of it all!

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hobbes12 said, December 4th, 2011 at 8:15 pm

I love that fight too, but I also love the Dawn-Mary Anne one in Farewell, Dawn. Mainly because of the part where Mary Anne breaks the mug. It’s also a strange fight in that it doesn’t really get resolved in that book – Dawn says that she knows they will never be friends the same way again, yet in later books it seems like they are…

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