the best friends you’ll never have

If I were to have a deep, dark fandom secret, it would be my love for Friends Forever. A lot of BSC diehards can’t stand Friends Forever. They think it doesn’t have the same spirit of the original series, especially the spirit of the beginning of the series.

In contrast to most, I actually prefer the crappy, later-series ghostwritten books. They have the flavor of my childhood, and focus more on things that interest me. Plus, less appearances by the Perfect Perkins Girls. (What did happen to those kids, anyway? They just seemed to drop off the face of Stoneybrook.) Friends Forever focused pretty much entirely on boy problems and family problems, and there was little to no sitting. Awesome!

Some of my favorites of the series are Claudia and the Disaster Date, where Claudia and Alan explore their newfound relationship and Claudia works out some issues with her mom, Mary Anne’s Revenge, where Mary Anne tells Cokie to shove it with the help of Cary Retlin (and everyone knows that MA/Cary is my OTP), and Welcome Home, Mary Anne, featuring architectural porn in the form of the BarnHouse and an appearance by Sunny Winslow.

But really, I could reach for any FF book and be satisfied by the lack of sitting jobs and the importance of dude drama.

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