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Per my last post, I like the FF series as a whole. If I had to choose a least favorite, however, I think I’d go with Graduation Day. While this was an event that we had been waiting for ever since Logan Likes Mary Anne! was published, I’m not sure if I liked how it was handled in Graduation Day, or if it could ever really live up to any expectation we could have had.

I’m glad they went with this direction in ending the series, and having a real “conclusion” book to the whole thing, instead of just ending with Claudia and the Disaster Date or something. But still, it’s not really a book I reach for often. Let’s see, Stacey freaks out about returning a Beverly Cleary book (what? THAT is how you end the story of our Most Sophisticated Sitter?!), Claudia almost fails (no surprise), Mary Anne… I don’t even remember, Kristy is sad about the end of eighth grade/the BSC (ok, this plot makes sense, and is a perfect segue for ninth grade BSC fanfic), and the kids do a time capsule thing. Yawn. I guess you couldn’t conclude the series without a stupid kid project, though.

Anyway, I think it accomplishes what it’s supposed to… but it’s just not a book I find terribly interesting. And yeah, I recognize that this is a series that includes a book where the central plot revolves around every single ex-boyfriend of a THIRTEEN-YEAR-OLD coming into town at once, but I’m sticking with my choice.

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chocolatechip15 said, August 5th, 2012 at 10:11 pm

I actually loved Graduation Day . .I agree that the plotlines for Claudia, Mary Anne, and Stacey weren’t great, but I LOVED Kristy’s . . .it resonated me with me so completely, first because the way Kristy felt was pretty much the way I felt when graduating from high school, and this book came out not long after that (yes, I was reading new BSC books in college). Kristy’s letter to herself actually made me cry. I also loved it because it was so consistent with Kristy’s character . . Kristy is my favorite character, because she is flawed but lovable, and she has ALWAYS been insecure (right from # 5, when she’s jealous of Mary Anne’s new friendship with Dawn) . her character has more depth than some of the others, and I think her story ending was perfect.

I also loved how they brought the other characters together and into the story, even if only for small parts . . and i LOVED seeing Charlie’s letter to himself. .again, I thought this was a great bit of consistency – and I do love Kristy’s family.

And I adored the timeline at the end of the book. I thought it was a great wrap-up. But it’s true that this isn’t one I re-read too often . .I guess it’s more of a commemorative item to me.

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