the best friends you’ll never have

The original thread for the 30 Day Challenge is here. I encourage everyone with a BSC-focused blog to do it; it’s really good for getting your cognitive BSC juices flowing.

Here are all my answers:
Day 1, Favorite Sitter: Stacey
Day 2, Least Favorite Sitter: Logan
Day 3, Favorite Regular Book: Stacey and the Bad Girls
Day 4, Least Favorite Regular Book: Kristy Thomas, Dog Trainer
Day 5, Favorite Mystery: Claudia and the Mystery at the Museum/Stacey and the Stolen Hearts
Day 6, Least Favorite Mystery: Kristy and the Missing Child
Day 7, Favorite Super Special: Baby-Sitters on Board!
Day 8, Least Favorite Super Special: Baby-Sitters’ Island Adventure
Day 9, Favorite Minor Character: Cary Retlin
Day 10, Least Favorite Minor Character: Clarence King/Mark Jaffe
Day 11, Favorite Sitting Charge: Marilyn and Carolyn Arnold
Day 12, Least Favorite Sitting Charge: The Perkins Girls
Day 13, Favorite Parent: Maureen Spencer
Day 14, Least Favorite Parent: Patrick Thomas
Day 15, Favorite Fight: Stacey versus the BSC
Day 16, Favorite Love Interest: Ethan Carroll
Day 17, Favorite BSC-organized Event: Valentine’s Day Party
Day 18, Favorite BSC Vacation Spot: Paris or Disney World
Day 19, Favorite Holiday Book: Baby-Sitters’ Christmas Chiller
Day 20, Favorite Couple in the Books: Amalia/Brendan; Maggie/Tyler
Day 21, Favorite Couple Not in the Books: Mary Anne/Cary
Day 22, BSC Member or Minor Character You Could See Yourself Being Friends With: Sunny Winslow
Day 23, Favorite Friends Forever: Claudia and the Disaster Date; Welcome Home, Mary Anne; Mary Anne’s Revenge
Day 24, Least Favorite Friends Forever: Graduation Day
Day 25, Moment/Scene From the Books That Sticks Out For You the Most: Wine bottles in flop socks
Day 26, Favorite Claudia Outfit: “Serious Artist” Outfit
Day 27, Favorite Stacey Outfit: Stacey’s Dad Award Dinner Outfit
Day 28, One Thing You Learned From the BSC: “Continue on” is redundant
Day 29, Favorite BSC “Villain”: Bad Girls/Badd Boyz
Day 30, Biggest “Wouldn’t Happen in Real Life” Moment: The Mystery Series

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BSCAG said, January 25th, 2012 at 1:00 am

Thanks for spreading the word on this. It was fun to read your answers and think of my own!

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