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I’m really excited right now, because I finally figured out (and was brave enough to try out) some technical stuff in the wiki and have managed to get rid of all the spam entries. (There are still spam accounts to get rid of, but it’s not as big a deal.) It is such a great feeling to click on “random page” and to land on a legit wiki pages, or to look at the list of all pages and only see our work.

I have a few more things left on my to-do list, and then I am going to reopen the wiki. For now, I’m going to test out letting anyone register and edit. If captcha doesn’t work the way I hope it does, I will be a bit more restrictive and require approval for new accounts. (If you had an account before, it still works.) I hope, though, that editing will be a quick and easy process for members of the fan community and we can all work together on expanding what we started working on forever ago–2006? 2007? I don’t even remember anymore.

Anyway, once the wiki is open, then I’ll work on changing the layout for the blog. So watch this space and various other places around the fandom that Baby-Sitters Club Wikipedia has reopened and waiting for new edits!

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