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Over at The Billfold, Nicole Dieker has started a series called “How the Baby-Sitters Club Does Money.” So it’s basically BSC fanfiction, only she’s probably getting paid for it. She is imagining what the BSC will be like as adults, and what their financial/work situations will be like.

Now, as you might imagine, and as you probably do too, since you’re reading this blog, I always get a little protective whenever I see things written about the BSC outside of the fandom. Most of the BSC articles on BuzzFeed or Jezebel are going to be written by people who, at one point, “grew out of” the BSC, and probably haven’t thought about it in fifteen years or so. These articles frequently spell “Mary Anne” with a hyphen and “Jessi” as “Jessie.”

So far, this series contains no such mistakes. I can see that the author at least has a lot of BSC info floating around in her brain, although perhaps she has devoted less real estate to this information than the average Stoneybrookite reader. After two parts of this series have been published, I can say that she is batting 500, in Krusher parlance.

Her Mallory is enjoyable. Mallory has gained some prominence as a writer, even if she is self-publishing. I like any vision of Mallory in the future where she is not a loser. I bet that most of us relate way more to Mallory than we would ever admit. Also, she has Mallory be a part of a poly triad, and while it had never crossed my mind before, I can see that happening.

The Kristy one, though, I was not so fond of. Kristy is a mommyblogger after having a bunch of kids and a bunch of failed businesses. I don’t see Kristy as the mommyblogging type. Starting something like Babble and then somehow convincing Disney to buy it? Sure. But blogging, and just sitting there and not bossing anyone around, just typing her thoughts and dealing with photographs and design? Take a look at her first journal entry from Friends Forever:

First day with this new journal. Am inspired by Mary Anne and all she’s been through. Can’t imagine losing nearly everything I own in a fire. Can’t imagine losing nearly everything I own no matter how it happened. MA is being very brave. She managed to rescue her current diary (the little leather one with the lined, dated pages and the lock and key), which is about her only source of memories these days. Am going to start keeping journals and saving them somewhat fireproof. Think I’ll ask Watson if I can put them in his safe.

Kristy never writes her journal entires in complete sentences. She doesn’t want to spend the time. And working part time in a bank? No way. I also can’t see her ever accepting handouts from Watson. Kristy has always been a hardworker and very ambitious.

Now, I can see Dawn becoming a mommyblogger in the healthy living niche easily. She could use her blog as a platform to make herself feel better than everyone else, and her Vista diaries have been good practice for blogging. Mary Anne could get in with the Mormon mommybloggers with perfect houses and children, since she is so domestically inclined. But Kristy? Not enough power in just having a mommyblog.

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Jess said, July 9th, 2014 at 2:19 pm

I thought at first this would be about how they seem to have so much disposable income despite their ridiculously low rates.

Well, I’m glad Mal appears to be happy. Not everyone hates her, yay!

But Kristy, and today with Stacey, are quite depressing. I’ve always thought the two of them would be the most independently successful.

greer said, July 9th, 2014 at 2:23 pm

@jess: yeah, I just read Stacey’s, and GOD. I definitely think of Kristy and Stacey as being the smartest, most capable, and the most ambitious, os this sort of relying on a rich stepfather/husband doesn’t work with my vision of either of them.

HelenB said, July 11th, 2014 at 8:39 am

Definitely agree that Kristy is full of drive – it’s basically her defining trait. If she was going to build something out of motherhood it wouldn’t be a blog, it would be a babyware empire – or she’d be hard at work trying to sell a new toy or educational tool. I found it odd that Stacey was described as frugal, given that she loves shopping and fashion and lusts after expensive jewelry. It seems to me that the pieces are more focused on the girls’ interests than on their personalities, which doesn’t work for me. I would think, as they grow up, their interests are the more likely of the two to change.

greer said, July 12th, 2014 at 4:32 am

@HelenB: That’s actually a perfect way to describe it. The basics are there, in terms of details, but the characterization itself is off.

Stoneybrookite: the best friends you’ll never have said, July 12th, 2014 at 11:40 am

[...] series I wrote about in my last post is still going on. I agree with HelenB’s comment on my post–these seem to be based more [...]

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