the best friends you’ll never have

I started doing this a while ago and I think I only did Kristy and Mary Anne. I did it, though, by pretending to take the test as them, and I thought it’d be better to just read the types and pick one from the description.

This BuzzFeed article has a pretty good overview, and cute animal pictures.

Kristy: When I took the test, I got ESTJ, but I feel like I can also make a case for ENTJ, especially later in the series when she goes off the rails a bit–sometimes she gets a little more Fieldmarshal than Supervisor.
Claudia: Claudia is difficult, because I have a hard time telling if she is an introvert or an extravert. Finally, I decided that she is an introvert, because even though she is not shy and has excellent social skills, she really needs time alone to work on her art and didn’t seem to care much about having a best friend until Stacey came along. I think she is an ISFP, which, coincidentally, is sometimes called The Artist. They are live-and-let-live types who care deeply about aesthetics.
Mary Anne: I still think ISFJ, although I can’t quite locate the passive aggression in the ISFJ description. What Mary Anne is SUPPOSED to be is definitely ISFJ, though.
Stacey: Stacey was a difficult one. I finally came up with ESTP, but what do you guys think?
Dawn: INFP; she loves those ideals of hers.
Abby: ESFP; she is fun and not that info classroom learning.
Mallory: I thought maybe INTP, but I feel like early Mallory especially is ISTJ, as she is practical and level-headed.
Jessi: I am thinking ESFJ, but I’m not sure. This is definitely one I’d have to think about a lot.
Logan: ENFJ, but I still hate Logan.
Shannon: Shannon is another one that I couldn’t tell if she is an extravert or an introvert. If she is an extravert, then ENTP.

What do you think? I know that these types are basically as accurate as horoscopes, but whatever, they’re fun.

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