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The weird thing about blogging like a subject like the BSC, which ended (unless you count The Summer Before) fourteen years ago, is that eons can pass with no news at all, and then all of the sudden there is a TON of news.

First of all, two new books by Ann, The Doll People Set Sail and Rain Reign, have come out. Because of RR especially, Ann has been doing some interviews, including the Elle one I linked to recently and one at Bustle. The best part of the that interview is where she says that she now thinks Dawn would be an environmental lawyer or something like that, whereas before she just said Dawn would be in California. Taken with the way she answered the question about a potential reunion book in the Elle interview, I hope this means that this is something that Ann is beginning to really consider. I think it would be awesome if she did something like Meg Cabot is doing with The Princess Diaries and The Mediator, where she is writing new books about the same characters for a slightly older audience (SUZE AND JESSE OMG!!!). Hell, I’d even be okay with a Karen in middle school book, or something; to my knowledge, Ann has never written for adults or older YA.

The other extremely exciting thing going on is that Scholastic/Graphix is rereleasing the first two graphic novels in color. Not only will it look cool, and obviously I will need these in addition to the non-color copies I already own, but to me, it’s a sign that the ebooks are generating enough interest for Scholastic to pour some real money into BSC. My hope would be that the color versions will be so successful that Raina will be asked to do a fifth book. Of course, we don’t even know if Raina would even want to, or if she’s too busy with her other projects. But still, we could dream. What book would you want? The Ghost at Dawn’s House is the obvious choice, but seeing Sea City in Boy-Crazy Stacey would also be fun.

I am taking all of this renewed interest in the series that has been going on in the past few years as a very good sign, and will keep on hoping for a reunion book!

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