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Stacey’s style, like Stacey herself, is always referred to in the books as being “sophisticated.” We know she likes to wear black, and buys clothes at Bloomingdales and other expensive places. She likes Betsey Johnson, which, while I wouldn’t exactly call it “sophisticated,” is pretty logical for what a stylish thirteen-year-old-girl would like.

The covers, however, tell a different story. On many covers, she looks so mature that she ends up looking more like someone who would call the Baby-Sitters Club for a sitter, rather than its treasurer.

Take the cover of Stacey’s Broken Heart, for example.

Stacey, you are no Kathy Santoni.

Only one image can come to mind for fans of both Full House and the BSC, and that is from the episode “Back to School Blues,” where DJ shows up for the first day of Junior High wearing the same outfit as the lunch monitor.

I think we all can imagine Stacey showing up to school in the outfit depicted on the cover of Broken Heart and realizing she was dressed just like Mrs. Ensign.

Now, later on, Stacey’s outfits are pretty much in line with how I remember the mid-90s. Lots of sweaters with stripes around the middle, for instance. Her hair is bobbed instead of permed. But really, is it sophisticated? To me, it looks just like what you could buy in any juniors’ department in the country at the time. So I’m not sure how they could have communicated that Stacey was a sophisticated dresser without it looking like she was middle aged mother or your typical teen. Maybe more black?

Stacey’s fashion, like so many other things in the series, was told to us, rather than shown. How would you have dressed a sophisticated thirteen-year-old girl from 1986-2000?

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Bscfan1997 said, October 11th, 2015 at 2:30 am

I love the Full House reference! And that is also one of my fave episodes…

I agree. Stacey isn’t really that sophisticated. She dresses like a mom and/or grandma or a typical teen girl. Some of her outfits are awesome, though. :)

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