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I got an email from my hosting company last weekend, telling me that the database for the wiki was too big and I needed to fix in two days or all of my sites would be taken offline.

Fixing it required using things like MySQL and SSH, which are a little outside my comfort zone. I considered just deleting the wiki altogether. I didn’t want to lose my other sites and projects. But I thought about how much work had been put into it, and not only my own. So I learned what I had to learn, and the wiki, and the rest of my sites, are still up.

The wiki is kind of a failure on my part, I admit. The MediaWiki software is complex, and we were kind of killed by a spam attack, to the point that another BSC wiki site sprung up in its place. Completing it so that it was the wiki I want would take up too much time that I, as someone who makes most of her money through freelancing, can dedicate to it at this point in my life.

But still I wish it had accomplished my goal as a Complete Guide for the entire series. This will probably never happen now, but I’m still not going to delete it and completely destroy any possibility of that happening.

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