the best friends you’ll never have

Included in in the zip file are True Type versions of the handwriting of all of the Sitters except Shannon and Logan. I got these fonts years ago from the BSC software that came out in the 90s. By downloading these fonts, you agree to two things:

1)You will not use them for any commercial purposes. Using them on a user icon or banner for your BSC blog? Fine. Using them for a corporate logo? No. If in doubt, don’t use them.

2)You will not upload them anywhere else for download.

That’s all! Enjoy!

Click here to download!

I also have Amalia’s and Ducky’s fonts. These fonts are just common freeware handwriting fonts, Almagro and Bobcat. I haven’t found Sunny’s or Maggie’s yet, but if you know what it is, leave a comment and let me know.