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Well, anyone who has been reading this blog or discussing the BSC with me on the Boards/LJ communities knows that my BSC OTP is Mary Anne and Cary. I am actually working on a C/M longform story for Baby-Sitters 100.

Why? I love their interactions in the series, especially in Friends Forever where he helps her out in Mary Anne’s Revenge and when they go mini-golfing in Claudia and the Disaster Date. I am decidedly NOT a Kristy/Cary shipper. I felt like their relationship was based on mutual annoyance with an undercurrent of grudging respect, not that they butted heads due to unresolved sexual tension. (I mean, as much sexual tension as you can have with a fellow thirteen-year-old.)

With Mary Anne and Cary, I feel like Mary Anne brings out Cary’s sensitive side and Cary makes her braver. They complement each other well. Cary is actually a very creative and artistic soul, and Mary Anne would totally understand him. Aww.

Mary Anne and Logan, of course.

Just kidding.

We have already covered my love of Ethan Carroll. But actually, my favorite COUPLE to read about might actually be a tie between Amalia/Brendan and Maggie/Tyler in CA Diaries. I definitely reach for Amalia, Diary Two and Maggie, Diary Three when I am in an “I want to moon over boys” mood. I want Ethan all to myself, but I can swoon over new romance in those two books.

I think relationships work better in CA Diaries than in BSC. The slightly older intended audience tends to make stuff like that more interesting and realistic than in BSC, which was basically always pretty tame. With the noted exception of Kristy + Bart = Bart is a total horndog, of course.

This is quite apropros, since we’re coming up on the holiday season. For my choice, if we think about holiday books in terms of the complete mindfuck that is the BSC Time Warp, I’m going to go with the darkest timeline.

I don’t think there is a terribly popular opinion, but I am a pretty big fan of the Super Mysteries and read them probably more frequently in comparison with other books. The stakes are just a little bit higher and the danger heightened.

So anyway, for favorite holiday book I’m going to go with Christmas Chiller. This one also comes with the added bonus of an Ethan-heavy storyline, so, score. I do realize that Fright Night could also be considered a “holiday” book, but that one is slightly more boring since it does not have ETHAN. And isn’t that the book where Mallory is really annoying about needing the special Mystery Notebook, and somehow cajoles an SMS faculty member or their spouse to bring the Notebook to Salem? Relax, Pike.

But yeah Ethan Carroll forever! Even if he dated a psycho named Sybil and really, ghostwriters, couldn’t you have been a little less obvious and NOT picked a name associated with mental illness for this character?

I guess my favorite vacation spot for the BSC would have to be London/Paris. I’ve never been that interested in going to England, but Paris, sure. Then I could go to EuroDisney and eat crossaints and pretend that I am in a French New Wave movie.

Having spent time down the shore, Sea City never interested me that much, I’m not really a heat/beach person in regard to Hawaii, and LA’s not really thing.

And duh, writing this I just remembered that they went to DISNEY WORLD and I love Disney World, as I already covered in the Super Special question. So I guess my answer is either Paris or Disney World.

I actually thought up this question for the Challenge, and it’s one that I had a hard time coming up with an answer before because the sitting stuff all bores me now.

The one that came to mind, though, was the Valentine’s Day party in (I believe) Stacey’s Ex-Best Friend, because all of the charges have OMG!crushes on each other and it is pretty cute.

But actually, yeah, what the hell, why does the BSC spend so much of their free time doing stuff like that for the charges? I know Kristy needs an excuse to come up with ideas, and it made things for the editors easier because it meant you didn’t have to come up with a creative subplot. Boom, BSC event. Subplot covered. Laine brings it up in that book: HEY GUYS GET LIVES OF YOUR OWN. Obviously Laine is a huge bitch in this book, but she had a point there.

One of the problems I’m having with this Challenge is that for some of the questions, as a person who has blogged upon the BSC on and off for years and who has participated in online discussion communities for just as long, I feel like I’ve already answered them sufficiently enough. This happens to be one them.

I am, as long-time readers of this blog probably know, an unabashed Ethan Carroll fangirl. Now, we all know that my girl Stacey, as my teacher of (language of country I currently reside in) said today, “changes men like gloves.” Ethan, however, is undoubted the coolest. He is an ARTIST. He has an EARRING. For a while, he had BLEACHED HAIR. He has a PSYCHO STALKER EX (oh wait, that part wasn’t so cool). Unlike all of the other guys the BSC dated, with the exception of MAYBE Trevor Sandbourne, but I probably wouldn’t want to date a poet because then you’d have to listen to their poetry and who wants that, I would totally date Ethan if he weren’t fictional and ten years younger than me.

I find it interesting, now that I’m thinking about it, that Stacey seems to like to surround herself with artistic people. Both her best friend and her boyfriend are artists. Perhaps Stacey herself has a hidden artistic soul she hides with her talent for numbers, and lives vicariously through Claudia and Ethan. Although she did mention that she was good at interior decorating, and she obviously has a keen eye for fashion, so perhaps Stacey should try picking up a sketchpad one of these days.

Obviously, the best fight title belongs to the “Stacey Goes Bad” arc, which is my favorite plot in the entire series. I outlined why I like this plot so much here and here. But yeah, this fight is just full of awesomeness. A party! Dawn spying behind the jukebox! Someone daring to suggest that there is more to being a teenager than being a part of a “successful business”! And god, the mid-90s-ness of it all!

Is this even a contest? Can you actually have an answer other than “Patrick Thomas” and not catch flack for it? He left and doesn’t send child support, does that weird thing where he secretly visits Kristy and won’t let her tell anyone, and doesn’t invite his youngest son to his wedding to Zoey, leading to fandom speculation that David Michael is not Patrick’s biological son.

And then he talks about having kids with Zoey! Nooo! Why did Zoey marry him? She seemed like a cool lady. Big mistake, Zoey.

An interesting thing that I have been noticing lately is that a lot of people seem to dislike Watson now, if you read BSC Snark. I haven’t read that many LS books, but he certainly seems to come off worse in those, especially in Karen’s Stepmother.

Poor Kristy, I guess. Although I have to say that I enjoy the development of Kristy and Watson’s relationship over the course of the series.

My favorite parent in the BSC is Stacey’s mom, Maureen Spencer. I know that Stacey’s parents don’t seem to be the most well-liked in the BSC-iverse. Ed gets it worse than Maureen, though–workaholic dad who tries to buy Stacey’s love, hiding Samantha from Stacey while getting mad at Stacey for hiding Robert from him, etc.–but Maureen is often accused of being kind of golddigger, since she seemed to spend the months leading up to her divorce at Tiffanys.

Maybe she just had the mean reds?

But as someone else who also grew up with divorced parents and a workaholic dad (who also happened to work in New York City and has a new younger wife whose first name starts with “s,” etc.), I always liked Maureen and Stacey’s relationship. We saw more of Stacey and Maureen together than we did of any other Sitter and their parent(s), I think. They did things together like watch old movies and discuss things about their lives, and I appreciated seeing that.

Plus I liked Maureen’s attitude to the new circumstances of her life, going from a housewife to a career woman who didn’t need a boyfriend and wasn’t going to settle for just anyone. Even if they were pretty cute, like that John guy. Maureen seemed to embrace and even revel in her new situation, rather than retreating into depression and feeling sorry for herself.

Team Maureen.

As I said in my last post, I don’t really care for the baby-sitting parts. That’s probably the best thing about Friends Forever: baby-sitting fades into the background, and the Sitters’ relationships with their friends, families, and love interests take center stage.

I think, though, that if I had to go with the sitting charges that REALLY make me roll my eyes, it’s the Perkins girls. They are just so flawless. I understand that they are supposed to be Ann’s best friend’s kids, but COME ON. They are geniuses! Super-talented! Know really long songs at age two while other two-year-olds the BSC sits for can barely string sentences together!

I was glad when, I guess, Ann’s friend’s kids got older and the Perkins girls more or less stopped being featured. Maybe the real Myriah/Gabbie/Laura got embarrassed and were just like, “God, Aunt Ann, all of our friends at school are making fun of us for knowing all the words to ‘On the Good Ship Lollipop.’ Please stop, for the love of God.”

And for that, I thank the real Perkins girls, because that meant we never had to sit through another Perfect Perkins sitting job.

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