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So a new community just got started on livejournal: BSC Snark. In all honesty, I’m actually not that big on snark. A little snark here and there is fine, but I actually adore these books. Snark with love, perhaps, is the flavor of snark I go for. But anyway, I was reading a post about Karen’s Bunny by Lilysela when I saw this picture:


Now, I have never been a fan of Susan Tang’s interior artwork for the LS books. It always seems like she got bored after drawing the face of the character and just scribbled the rest. Looking at these illustrations, I get the impression that I, too, could make a living being an illustrator if these drawings are considered good enough to be used throughout a series that lasts for over a hundred books. But just look at this picture! I realize that yes, this scene actually does happen in the book. That does not mean, however, that it is not a weird and disturbing image. The look on Andrew’s face, the fact that he seems to be gripping onto something imaginary, his tiger face, everything… it’s all just… WRONG.