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Lately I have been enjoying the VH1 show Rock of Love. For those of you without a Celebreality addiction, in this show Bret Michaels of the seminal “metal” band Poison is trying to find love, or at least something somewhat resembling love.How does this tie into the BSC? Like our Stacey McGill, Bret Michaels has juvenile diabetes. As we all remember from Stacey and the Bad Girls, alcohol would totally throw Stace’s blood sugar out of whack. Bearing this in mind, while my dad was trying to tell me that Bret had a hardcore alcohol problem back in the day (everyone confuses Bret with the much cooler member of Poison C.C. DeVille), I staunchly refuted his claim with no way, Bret has juvenile diabetes, he can’t drink.

As the show progressed, however, it became increasingly apparent that Bret Michaels drinks all the time and sometimes has drunk foursomes. But what about his diabetes??? I wondered.

I was reading USWeekly or InTouch or People yesterday and it featured an interview with Bret Michaels. He said in this interview that he taught all the girls in the house how to give him insulin injections… using an orange! Just like how Stacey was taught!

So basically what I am getting at is: 1)Stacey is the female Bret Michaels. 2)My fears that Stacey would never be able to be a drunken party girl was unfounded. She just needs to teach the guys she’s partying with how to give her an insulin shot using an orange for practice.

The real question, of course, is whether these girls said “Ew! Yuck!” while learning. This event occurred off-camera but I bet it played into eliminations. Brandi C., I’m looking at you.

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