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Browsing in canon

I haven’t read any fanfic or RPGs for a while, but I get kind of pissy when I read a statement like, “I didn’t read FF, so it’s not canon for this story.” I know that I’m one of the few people who really enjoys FF, but I don’t feel like you can deny its role in the BSC canon. Plus, I feel like you’re really missing out, because certain characters–Erica Blumberg, Woody Jefferson–have expanded roles in FF and become more than SMS seat fillers. So you’re really missing out on some great characterizations, and the Alan and Claudia romance, and developments in Stacey’s life…

You get the picture.

But if I’m going to say that every BSC book is canon, what about the movie and tv series? I have decided that the movie is not canon, one because Alan’s crush on Dawn isn’t mentioned anywhere else in the series and two because the “Secret Patrick Visit” plot is recycled in Kristy’s Portrait. The TV show, I’m actually on the fence about. In Stacey and the Fashion Victim, Stacey mentions a prior “negative” experience with modeling. The only other “Stacey models” storyline I can think of is in Stacey’s Big Break. Here is the quote from p. 8:

When [Mrs. Maslin] stopped for breath, I told her a little about the time I entered a modelling contest at Bellair’s. I won, but it wasn’t a great experience.

Are we to assume that this experience from the tv show is the one she is referring to? It does describe the plot of Stacey’s Big Break down to the letter. If the writer was indeed referencing this episode, then the tv show becomes canon.

Your thoughts?