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As some of you probably already know, Hodges Soileau worked from models. This may be hard to believe, especially when you’re looking at covers which feature Jessi or small children, but it’s true. This may explain why Dawn never seemed to have long, white-blond hair that hung down all the way to her waist. It also explains other mysteries, like how Claudia’s outfits are never that wild and she only seems to wear a side ponytail. Since Hodges apparently has no imagination, when Mary Anne got her hair cut, the girl who posed for the Mary Anne covers also had to get her hair cut off. So as you can see, modeling for the covers was really intense. You totally had to inhabit the character, or else the covers wouldn’t be believable at all and everyone would think that the thirteen-year-olds really looked like twenty-year-olds and the children resembled adult little people. If you would like to read serious reflections on just how well Hodges depicted the world of Stoneybrook, check out Mackenzie’s tribute to his artistry, BSC Cover to Cover.

Naturally, considering how I would bet that most of us picture someone resembling the portraits on the covers when we think about the BSC members and various other Stoneybrookites who make appearances on the covers, wouldn’t it be nice to track these people down and find recent pictures of them which we could post in a “Where are they now?” article? Sadly, when I googled “baby-sitters club cover model,” there were no relevant results, although I did find a New York Times article about a series called “Ford Supermodels of the World”.

I’m surprised, frankly. You’d think that if you had modeled for the BSC book covers, that shit would totally be on your resume. If I were interviewing you for, say, a theoretical position at the the theoretical advertising firm I worked for, I would totally hire you based on that alone. Even though I’d probably forever be calling you “Kristy” instead of your real name.

But anyway, if you were ever gainfully employed as a BSC cover model and you’re reading this, please email me at greer at Only you can make my dreams come true.