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  • The TV series is leaving Netflix on June 30th. It is still available in the iTunes store, though, so don’t worry if you no longer have a VCR and you don’t feel like frantically bingeing on the whole thing before then. It’s also on Amazon Instant Video–not sure about Google Play.
  • Out now on ebook: #99-#102
  • A full-color edition of KGI by Raina Telgemeier is coming out on Tuesday, and it will be available in hardcover, paperback, AND ebook versions. Two of my Canadian BSC friends already found the books in local stores, so if you’re in Canada, it looks like you can already get it.
  • Ann was on the radio.
  • #95-#98 now out on ebook!
  • Rain Reign is this year’s winner of the Charlotte Huck Award from the National Council of Teachers of English. (I knew this book was destined to be taught in middle school language arts classrooms!) Congratulations Ann!
  • I got this link in my Google Alerts, and I got all excited because from the alert, it looked like Ann had won the Newbery Medal. But she didn’t; she won the Schneider Family Book Award for “books that embody an artistic expression of the disability experience,” also awarded by the American Library Association. Congratulations, Ann!
  • Girls Meets The Baby-Sitters Club Mashup: Characters from Girls photoshopped onto BSC covers with the titles altered appropriately.
  • From candykane on the BSC Boards, here’s an article on whether libraries should keep or discard the original BSC books. What’s your take? I’d want to keep them, obviously, but I’m aware of space limitations, wear and tear on paperback books that are nearly 30 years old, etc. I think a good compromise would be to have the new books (graphic novels and rereleases), and then have the ebooks available, if your library does that, for kids who get hooked.
  • Happy New Year! Start the new year off right with Stacey’s “Bad Girl” storyline, since #83-#87 are now available on ebook.
  • I often find that BSC articles on popular blogs were written by people who read a few of the books when they were ten and haven’t picked one up since, but How to Tell You Are in a Baby-Sitters Club Book on The Toast is right on the money.
  • Some audio of Ann talking about Rain Reign and reading an excerpt from the book.
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