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  • Now available in ebook: #79-#82, M15 and M16.
  • Rain Reign named a Notable Children’s Book of 2014 by the New York Times.
  • Go see Ann and Laura Godwin tomorrow at the Miami Book Fair International if you’re in the area!
  • In this article, Ann talks a little more about the possibility of a reunion book, and says she is semi-retired.
  • 13 of the Weirdest Things from the Baby-Sitters Club TV Show on Bustle.
  • Let’s Compare Taylor Swift to Every Character in the Baby-Sitters Club – Bustle was killing it with BSC content yesterday.
  • Rain Reign gets a rave review in the New York Times The reviewer says, “If you can read, you’ll love this book.” I haven’t read it because sad dog story. :( :( :(
  • ANOTHER from Bustle: Claudia Kishi is the 90s fashion heroine in this article.
  • Review of Rain Reign from someone on the Autism spectrum.
  • Comic about Claudia Kishi by Yumi Sakugawa, originally published in Sadie Magazine in 2012.
  • Jenny Slate did a play in 2012 about Mary Anne and Logan getting married?! And Melissa Rauch from The Big Bang Theory was in it too? What?!
  • Ebooks out now: #75-#78; M13 and M14
  • Rain Reign came out yesterday. I’m not going to get it because I can’t deal with sad animal books, but here’s an interview with Ann on Elle‘s website. Most important part? Her response to the idea of a BSC reunion book, which is “Never say never.”
  • Ebooks now out: #71-#74, M11 and M12.
  • The new Doll People book will be out October 14th.
  • Not news, but just look at the subtitle!
  • Review of Rain Reign, which comes out in a month.
  • 67-70, M10, and SM4 all out on ebook!
  • Ann is currently fostering NINE kittens!!!! Check out her facebook page.
  • The real Laura Perkins’s birthday was on August 25th. Happy birthday, Laura!
  • I have no idea why this windbreaker is being marketed as “BABYSITTERS CLUB INSPIRED,” but it strikes me as hilarious for some reason.
  • This isn’t directly BSC-related, but it reminded me of how Jessi and Claudia were often described.
  • A tutorial for replicating Claudia’s makeup look in Kristy’s Great Idea.
  • The most important event was Ann’s 59th birthday on the 12th of August. Happy birthday, Ann!
  • Sadly, Ann’s cat Gussie died. He was almost 20 years old.

    I haven’t done any of the BSC projects I’d planned for this summer. I couldn’t even get this week’s blog posts up on time. The wiki will have to wait for when I have a work lull, I suppose.

  • 2014 Baby-Sitters Club – what would the BSC look like if it were being written today?
  • Interview with David Levithan – Did you know he’s still editing Ann? (He works on Family Tree.)
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