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First, some referrals.

“stacey+bret+michaels”–while i agree that they have a lot of in common–blond, type I diabetes, tight pants, and willing to make out with a lot of people–I’m not sure why you’d google it. Perhaps there is some fanfiction in the works?

“bsc+blog+greer” omg I have real fan/stalker. Awesome.


Who is that interested in Ellen Miles? Peter Lerangis, now that I can understand. I want to know more about him. I know that he visited Russia with Laura Bush and is writing a new series entitled DRAMA CLUB, but little more. I want to know more about my favorite ghostwriter, with his beat-you-over-the-head-with-stupid-puns wit. His writing style reminds me of Carrie Bradshaw’s narration. If you read his BSC books, especially the Stacey ones, hearing it in your mind with Sarah Jessica Parker’s voice, it sounds so right, it’s wrong. I also am convinced he is a homosexual, which makes his descriptions of how attractive the BSC girls less creepy.

I would really like to read “Drama Club,” even though I think theater people are really annoying. I would like to see if Pete’s wit, and fondness for naming minor characters after himself is endemic to all of his work or just BSC, and I can’t bring myself to read his juvenile “thriller” books.

Question: Does anyone who reads this blog like baby-sitting? I personally would prefer a visit to the dentist or taking a math test or waiting in line at airport security to baby-sitting. I thought it was weird that Dawn liked baby-sitting but was not so interested in having kids of her own, because I find that most people hate all kids but their own–although Dawn’s lifestyle choices are totally valid and everything. Perhaps Ann was addressing a question that must have come up, and came to my mind while I was reading the books as a kid–how could someone who was such a baby-sitting expert not ever have kids of her own? Speaking of Ann, there is a new “Letter From Ann” at her site where she talks about how she drove to Michigan instead of flying so she could travel with her dog. She has moved on from being a Cat Lady to a Dog Person. There is a weird clip of her playing with Sadie here.

Opinions? Questions? Comments? Do you also think Peter Lerangis is gay?

UPDATE: Sharp-eyed reader Myu pointed me to a Scholasitc bio which states that Peter is married (to a woman) and has two children. But c’mon, “working as a singing waiter in Nantucket”? It is easy to see how I made this mistake.

Some BSC fights are lame–see BSC in the USA, entire FF series for examples. Many, however, are awesome. I have compiled a list of my personal favorites.

1. Stacey vs the BSC. I love love love this whole arc. It is probably my favorite in the whole series. While Stacey was kind of a bitch, I feel like a lot of her feelings were justified. Sometimes, you don’t want to spend all your time chasing after bratty kids. It was high time someone in the BSC cracked.

2. Kristy goes psycho over the notebook. Jessi Ramsey, Pet Sitter, has one redeeming feature and it is this fight. Except for the lame resolution where everyone just votes themselves back in the same positions.

3. Don’t tell your sister to get out of your life forever because she might end up deserted on an island. Mary Anne teaches us all an important life lesson in Baby-sitters’ Island Adventure.

4. Mary Dumps Logan. In any of its incarnations. I just freaking hate Logan.

5. Everyone is a huge bitch. Mary Anne Saves The Day wins for this one because no one was being attacked. They all just equally sucked. This book features the first instance of MA’s passive aggressive bitchiness: “Dear Kristy, I’m sorry you’re a bossy know-it-all job hog. I hope you are too.”

Those are my High Fidelity-style top five. What are yours?