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Luxken27 has been going through her personal VHS stash and has posted some interesting videos to the Baby-Sitters Club LJ Community that I’ve never seen before.

The first is an Ann M. Martin interview from 1992, where the Mickey Mouse Club picked one very lucky girl to spend the day with Ann M. Martin. It offers some interesting behind-the-scenes looks at the process of creating the books way back when. Also, I do not believe the girl realized her dream of becoming just like her favorite author. Bummer!

And here are some cast interviews dealing with the movie. It does not provide a voyeuristic view into Scholastic publishing, but it’s interesting nonetheless.

Also, in VERY IMPORTANT BIG DEAL NEWS, Boy-Crazy Stacey is up on Amazon. Thanks wanderingfrog for the heads up!

Yes, I know that it has been about two months since I last posted. What have I been doing? Well, I moved. I moved to a place where I could not take my BSC books. I have been quite distracted by my real life, and in all honesty have not been thinking much about the BSC. My mind has been occupied by things like, “How can I pay my tuition if I can’t get a student loan because my university has no association with the US banking system?” and “Oh fuck my head hurts from this hangover.” I had a few topics I wanted to write about, but I just never got around to forming the ideas to the point where I could write a meaningful blog post about them.

BUT THEN SOMETHING TOTALLY UNEXPECTED WAS DISCOVERED YESTERDAY, THE BIGGEST NEWS SINCE THE YEAR 2000 WHEN THE SERIES ENDED. If you care enough about the BSC to follow this blog, then you probably about know about it. Adri posted this yesterday in the BSC livejournal. I haven’t read the comments yet, because I wanted to write this post completely unbiased. But anyway, A NEW BSC BOOK IS COMING OUT APRIL 1ST. It is a prequel called The Summer Before, which takes place the summer before seventh grade. You can read the summary in the link to the BSC lj.

What are my thoughts on this? I have many.

  • Is this the start of a series of prequels? Will we have books that take place when the sitters are even younger? Or is this a one-off thing?

  • Perhaps, instead of a bunch of prequels, we’ll next have The Summer After, which would take place after Graduation Day. Now, I have mixed feelings about the idea of a “reunion book” in general. I kind of prefer us all being able to imagine what happened to the girls ourselves.
  • While a prequel is exciting, we do all know, say, what happened to Stacey the summer before seventh grade. The Claudia plot, though, intrigues me.
  • How will it be written? I imagine it will be more like Main Street than BSC. I doubt we will have, say, a Chapter Two.

  • Speaking of Main Street, I wonder how this will affect Ann’s Main Street effort. Will she abandon it in favor of more BSC? Or is this, as I noted above, just a one-off thing and will not affect Main Street at all? Does anyone know how well Main Street has sold?
  • This is perhaps the most important question of all: Does this indicate a potential, at least partial, re-release of the series? It’s hard to imagine having a prequel released for a series that has been out of print for years. Although the graphic novels are still in print, and the book will only be about the original four, so perhaps Scholastic doesn’t deem a re-release necessary.

    I will go more in depth about my various thoughts about this news in subsequent postings. But I just wanted to get something up here, and just bang out a few of the reactions floating around my head. What reactions do you guys have to this news?