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This tumblr totally made me think of how Claudia was always described as EXOTIC!!!!1

P.S.: have not had a chance to back up/update the wiki, but I will get to it as soon as I can, I promise!

I feel like it’s high time that I wrote something here on the rereleases, but I’ve had a hard time deciding how I feel about them. I am kind of bummed that 2010 is shaping up to be the biggest year in BSCland since ten years ago, when the series ended, and I’m not living in a country where I can really fully participate in what’s going on. The only way I’ll be able to access any of the new books until July is if Amazon decides to put them on the Kindle (go to the pages for the books on and let them know you want them on the Kindle! Do it for me, and, I guess, fans who want to read the books on the subway without anyone else knowing and other BSC fans living abroad who have an ipod touch and the Kindle app), or if someone types up an ebook of them and I can find it somewhere, although I feel that the attitude of the fandom will be similar to the attitude that is taken toward the graphic novels and Main Street. They’re in print, so let’s vote with our dollars and let Scholastic know that these should continue to be published.

Anyway, now that the personal stuff is out of the way, one of the biggest controversies is how the series will be updated. We know that the clothes and hairstyles will be changed to reflect current trends–although, frankly, are trends today (leggings! oversize!) all that different, except now we’ve combined acid-wash jeans and leggings to make JEGGINGS? I’m wearing jeans with zippers on the bottom right now, a style I first was made aware of by the Club. Fresh! Also, the new outfits I’ve heard of so far (featured in the prequel) sound way more hideous. From the USA Today blog post:

Claudia was wearing willowy black pants, cinched at the waist with a drawstring, and a boldly patterned summer shirt with ties that she was adjusting around her midriff. Her
midriff would have been bare, but Claud had slithered into a lacy black tank top before she’d put on the shirt. On her feet were delicate silvery sandals, and her hair, which was looooooong and thick, was held away from her face with two silver combs.

I kind of feel like this isn’t much different from the outfits featured in the series in the late 90s, rather than something a modern 13-year-old would concoct out of thrift store finds and Forever 21. I think Modern Claud would dress like Tavi.

Another issue the reissues bring up is what they’re planning on updating besides the fashions. One thing that has never really sat right with most people in the fandom is the “We don’t care if Jessi is black! We’d like a girl if she were PURPLE and a good sitter!” Even other series of the same time, such as the Saddle Club, didn’t make such a big deal about having a character of a different race, if they reissue the series up until the point where Jessi comes into the picture. See also: Claudia being “exotic.”

Also, I’m sure they’d have to update medical stuff in regard to Stacey. Perhaps she’ll have an insulin pump decorated with glitter or something for her by Claud!

As far as Kristy and Mary Anne go… I don’t know what they’ll update for Mary Anne, because Mary Anne’s early wardrobe seemed very fifties even in the 80s and 90s. I’m having a hard time with modern readers buying the excuse that Watson and Elizabeth need to get married right away so they don’t end up living in sin.

What do you think they’ll update? What would you be sad to see go? What would make you glad?

Apparently Little Sister and Main Street are not terribly interesting for you BSC fans, as no one is commenting on those entries. Oh well, we must carry on (which is redundant).

While in a way I do write this for myself, as I have a lot of random BSC thoughtbunnies all the time, it is not diary-type blog. It is a blog intended for a certain audience, and everything I write must address this audience. However much I enjoy watching the guilty pleasure that is Rock of Love every week, I would never write a blog post about it unless it specifically related to the BSC–Bret Michael showing the gals how to give him insulin injections with an orange is acceptable, because it immediately made me think of Stacey. Just writing about how bitchy Lacey is not ok, even though there are some bitchy girls in the BSC books (Cokie, Mary Anne). These connections must be as strong as Mal’s hatred of gym.

And while Main Street and LS related to the BSC–Main Street less so, but still–they do not seem to be terribly interesting to BSC fans. While this is not saying I will not write about them in future, because I certainly will, I want to know what kind of topics you would like to read about the most on Stoneybrookite. Pop culture-centric ones? One that explores the BSC in the context of the real world (such as the Fairfield CT post?)? Snark? Let me know.

Moving on, today while reading Jezebel, I came across a post that focused on the prevalence of black actresses in the “wise/sassy best friend to white girl” role, i.e. Dionne in Clueless. In the comments, someone mentioned Mallory and Jessi. Personally, I don’t think Jessi fulfills this stereotype–maybe in the beginning, but then she evolves into ridiculous dancing robot who thinks everyone is racist. Agree or disagree?