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Yeah, I know, wrong holiday, but… it’s something which has been weighing on my mind. I posted about it on the boards, but i felt it was worth repeating here.

In LS, there are several Easter-themed books. There’s Karen’s Bunny and Karen’s Easter Parade out of the ones I’ve read. In BSC, though, there is absolutely no mention of Easter. In none of the the springtime books is it ever mentioned.

This is surprising for a couple of reasons. One, an Easter Egg Hunt seems like something that Kristy would love to organize. Two, they celebrate all of the other major holidays–Fourth of July, Valentine’s Day, New Year’s, Halloween, and yes, Christmas–several times. I suppose that you could argue that Christmas in the US is more secular than Easter in the US, but if you were going to use that argument, then why is Easter mentioned in LS?

Is LS, for whatever reason, more religiously-focused than BSC?