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I made the fonts available again.

With huge thanks to Ashley’s cousin, THE WIKI IS NOW FIXED. So head on over there and edit pages! Or just look things up.

“Fun bag”? Not only is it also a slang term for boobs, but they totally stole the Kid-Kit idea from Kristy. She should sue.

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Site stuff: I am currently working on two real posts and considering a redesign. Whew. More exhausting than making sure your clients paid you more than ten bucks.

There are so many awesome articles being posted about the series now that it’s overwhelming. Instead of posting them here, I’ve started a tumblr ( to be able to post them easily. Also, if you find an article, send it to

One: The wiki is fixed, thanks to efforts of xxevereverafter! So go there, edit some entires, look up information on your favorite BSC-related topics.

Two: Raina Telgemeier is having a special sale on BSC graphic novel pages! The deal: for 30$ plus shipping, Raina will randomly select a page from the book of your choice. Five dollars of your purchase will go to charity. A great gift for a BSC fan in your life (or yourself).

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! What is your favorite BSC Valentine’s Day book? I like Stacey and the Stolen Hearts, myself. Her outfit on the cover is really cute, I like the Cary Retlin intrigue, and it’s just fun all around.

It has been a time of great upheaval, for me, for the fandom.

First, there was some drama on livejournal wherein the BSC ebooks livejournal was deleted. For those of us who can’t really keep our books where we live or who gave away our childhood collections, this was a sad day indeed. And then there was some brouhaha because livejournal laid off a bunch of people in its US office, but I don’t really think that’s worth getting as worked up about as people are, because I think it has more to do with livejournal’s relative popularity in Russia versus the United States, and that our livejournals will be safe for the foreseeable future. And that includes all the awesome BSC livejournals/communities out there, all of which are linked in the left sidebar.

Second, there were fears about the new CPSIA law, and how it might affect the secondary children’s book market in the United States. From the way the law was written, it seemed as if people would not be able to resell any books published before February 10th, 2009, which would obviously include Ann’s entire BSC oeuvre. Our worst fears were unfounded, however, since the government has issued a statement saying that the secondary market is exempt. This is still bad news for books currently on the shelves, and will raise prices for everything kid-related, THANKS CONGRESS, but at least you can still complete your collection if need be.

Lastly, I have decided that I am going to expand this blog slightly from being just BSC-related, to cover other literary/pop culture topics of interest to me. Fear not, the focus will still be BSC and BSC will be the heart, but I have lost steam and inspiration on just BSC-related topics and I do not like seeing this blog dormant for weeks and months on end. Stoneybrookite will not lose its BSC-flavor, but simply adding that Stoneybrook crunchy goodness to more things in life.

I don’t even want to look at the datestamp of the last post on here. Yet, like all lazy blog owners, I have a pretty good excuse. I don’t have internet or a computer! Those of you who see me around on bsc@lj or the BSC boards may be rolling your eyes, saying, “But Greer, you’re still such an active member and post all the freaking time!” This is also true. I have internet on my phone, which is workable for lj or board stuff, but terrible for writing well-thought out blog posts.

And yes, life without a computer or real internet is HARD. Getting DSL in my apartment is a process I began in the beginning of October. It has involved calling the phone company, a trip to America, a very serious google-stalking session, several phone calls there, two faxes, two trips to the computer store, some phone calls here, a trip to the phone company office, chatting with the grandma, discussion of legal documents, and currently, waiting for the phone company to call me. Nobody has ever said that anything is this country is easy, with the exceptions of getting drunk and/or laid, but if they did say it, IT WOULD BE A LIE.

Then there was the unforunate incident a few weeks ago worthy of Jackie Rodowsky, where a glass of orange juice was spilled on my computer and killed it. There went sixty hours of blood, sweat, and tears in Fallout2, boyfriend.

So now I’m waiting for a friend’s parents to bring me a new credit card from Wyoming, where I had my mother send my new card because I don’t really want to charge a new computer to my cards here. MMM, fresh credit card debt!

Anyway, I have been keeping a list of blog topics which I will write when the sky opens up and down from the Heavens comes a new computer with dsl. In the meantime, look for cassandraclue on lj and greer everywhere else to keep yourself up to date with my sparkling insight into the crazy town of Stoneybrook.

I just went on vacation and moved across the Atlantic, so that explains my lack of updates. Once I get settled in and buy an outlet adapter that works with my three-prong laptop charger, I will begin blogging again.

Pigeonrat set up a cool new feature on the wiki which has the latest BSC-related headlines. I read this news story, and can’t help feeling jealous of this girl.

Her prize $500 gift card, well, “that’s sort of all gone now,” says Emily, a fifth-grader at Arnco-Sargent Elementary. She bought a trampoline, an American Girl doll — Molly, if you’re curious — Legos for her little brother and doodads from Claire’s Accessories. Books, too.

But there’s another part to the prize: Martin, the author, in the flesh.

Martin’s writing schedule usually keeps her from book tours, but she’ll be in Newnan on Monday to greet fans and sign books.

Emily is so excited, so nervous, she doesn’t even know what to say to the writer.

She expects to start with “hi.”

Pretty cool, huh?

Yeah, I doubt they would have picked a 22-year-old’s entry as the winner. But still. Completely and utterly jealous.

Just so you all know, the newest Main Street book is shipping from Amazon! Mine is on its way, and I will post a review after I finish reading it.

Ann has also written a missive over at her site, which pretty much just pimps the Main Street online interactive stuff.

Finally, something I keep meaning to mention–if you have a website which deals with the Young Adult lit of our childhoods, send me the link and I will put it on my blogroll. While I don’t link non-YA lit sites, I do appreciate all of the people who have non-YA lit sites who have linked this blog. Thanks!!

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