the best friends you’ll never have

Browsing in site was up for regular, non-domain squatter sale, so I snapped it up. Now,, and will all point to this site.

My friend’s millionaire stepfather likes to take people on vacation, so I’m going with six of my best friends for Europe for 17 days! It’s going to be so dibble and I’m going to make everyone keep a diary so we don’t forget one detail of this awesome trip!

Just kidding.

I really AM leaving for Europe tonight, though. But instead of a friend’s millionaire stepfather paying the bill, I just have a lot of credit card debt.

Speaking of which, remember in Here Comes the Bridesmaids! when Mr. Kishi won’t let Mr. Schafer pay for Claud’s ticket? What about Baby-Sitters on Board, Shadow Lake, BSC in the USA? Do you think the girls’ parents paid Watson/Jack back? They didn’t really mention this detail. Considering that for the Europe and the Hawaii trips, the girls had to raise half of the money it seems a bit odd.

Anyway, I don’t now if I’ll blog or not. If I don’t… just keep contributing to the wiki!

So here’s the secret project I’ve been hinting at… a brand new BSC Wikipedia, using actual wikipedia software. Go check it out and edit some pages, there’s been a ton of work done on it already!

I think that if Claudia were a real person alive today, she would totally have an Etsy shop. And it might be this one.

(via Fops and Dandies)

A more meaningful update will go up later today, but for now I just want to relate that word from my outsourced sources has lead me to believe that tomorrow major headway will be done on the super secret awesome Stoneybrookite project. So, keep watching for it…

I am back from Russia and what the hell? It is 60 degrees fahrenheit here. Not proper January weather.

I thought that posting didn’t work… but now I see it did. I thought of many things to post about in this new year… but am too tired right now to post anything more than this message saying that I will write something soon.

I’m taking a hiatus until probably Saturday… I didn’t get enough work accomplished over thanksgiving break and now I’m paying for it dearly.

I made a BSC Wiki. Go post! I haven’t done much layout wise, and there’s not much content yet… but I hope that will change soon.

Someone found this site by googling “bret+michaels+injections.” that’s just weird. i mean, why would someone google that?

Apparently Little Sister and Main Street are not terribly interesting for you BSC fans, as no one is commenting on those entries. Oh well, we must carry on (which is redundant).

While in a way I do write this for myself, as I have a lot of random BSC thoughtbunnies all the time, it is not diary-type blog. It is a blog intended for a certain audience, and everything I write must address this audience. However much I enjoy watching the guilty pleasure that is Rock of Love every week, I would never write a blog post about it unless it specifically related to the BSC–Bret Michael showing the gals how to give him insulin injections with an orange is acceptable, because it immediately made me think of Stacey. Just writing about how bitchy Lacey is not ok, even though there are some bitchy girls in the BSC books (Cokie, Mary Anne). These connections must be as strong as Mal’s hatred of gym.

And while Main Street and LS related to the BSC–Main Street less so, but still–they do not seem to be terribly interesting to BSC fans. While this is not saying I will not write about them in future, because I certainly will, I want to know what kind of topics you would like to read about the most on Stoneybrookite. Pop culture-centric ones? One that explores the BSC in the context of the real world (such as the Fairfield CT post?)? Snark? Let me know.

Moving on, today while reading Jezebel, I came across a post that focused on the prevalence of black actresses in the “wise/sassy best friend to white girl” role, i.e. Dionne in Clueless. In the comments, someone mentioned Mallory and Jessi. Personally, I don’t think Jessi fulfills this stereotype–maybe in the beginning, but then she evolves into ridiculous dancing robot who thinks everyone is racist. Agree or disagree?

It’s been a long time, but finally I have Stoneybrookite up and running again. Things have changed a lot, most notably the shift from .net to .org (stupid domain squatters…), but perhaps more significantly the shift from website-with-small-blog to pure blog. Don’t worry, all the old content is still archived and yes, the fonts are still here. But I wanted something that was easier to maintain and update, so.

Stoneybrookite has a new focus as well. Since Stoneybrookite last was truly online, the fandom has exploded exponentially. I hope that Stoneybrookite will serve as a fandom resource, keeping those interested abreast of new happenings with Ann’s career, alerting readers to media attention of the BSC and new, interesting fanfiction and fansites. Of course, I will still be writing about my thoughts on the BSC and writing essays, but the blog format will assist me in eliciting discussion and making this process easier.

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