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Inspired by this series.

KRISTY is a very successful entrepreneur. I see her being a serial entrepreneur, always with the next great big idea. Social media, innovative new ideas for charity start ups, whatever, she’s into it. Watson probably gave her some seed money for her first venture, but she made it back ten fold and now gets her funding like anyone else. I have never had a clear read on Kristy’s sexuality as an adult, but whoever she marries would probably end up being a stay-at-home parent, and Kristy has four kids and tries to make it to as many of their softball games as she can.

CLAUDIA is a high school art teacher. New York was too expensive, and the practical Kishis wouldn’t support her art career financially. So she came back to Stoneybrook, and teaches art while taking care of her superbly dressed son with Alan Gray.

STACEY is like Lauren Santo Domingo, only insanely good at math. Worked for LVMH before starting her own fashion-related company. Has one kid, a husband in finance, a nanny, a housekeeper, an apartment in New York, and a house in the Hamptons.

MARY ANNE is a high school guidance counselor. She lives in a small seaside town in Maine, not far from Reese, with her husband, who is a chef at a restaurant frequented by wealthy tourists. Basically, she’s Susan Branch without the cookbooks.

DAWN lives in California and works for an environmental non-profit. Her husband was a lawyer, but they fought a lot, and now she’s divorced with two kids.

MALLORY lives in New York City and is a writer. I secretly think Mallory=Ann, even if Ann says Mary Anne was based on her. So just picture Ann’s life, and give her red hair.

JESSI went to Dance New York soon after the series ended. After a stint dancing professionally, she now teaches dance and is married to a fellow dancer with a daughter named Mary Rose.

ABBY decided she wanted to be on SNL. She didn’t make it, but turned her hilarious LA experiences into a successful blog, which landed her a position on the staff of a ladyblog. She is too independent for a partner of either sex, and prefers shorter affairs. She is thinking of adopting at a later date.

SHANNON used her facility with languages and general all-around brains to get a job with the State Department. She is still looking for Mr. Right, but her experiences with her family growing up have deep down soured her on the idea of marriage and family in general.

LOGAN stayed in Stoneybrook and married Dorianne Wallingford after she got pregnant at 19. He manages a sporting goods store. They have two boys and a girl. Dorianne writes an aspirational lifestyle/mommy blog, and she makes more money than Logan does with her sponsorships and whatnot.

Over at The Billfold, Nicole Dieker has started a series called “How the Baby-Sitters Club Does Money.” So it’s basically BSC fanfiction, only she’s probably getting paid for it. She is imagining what the BSC will be like as adults, and what their financial/work situations will be like.

Now, as you might imagine, and as you probably do too, since you’re reading this blog, I always get a little protective whenever I see things written about the BSC outside of the fandom. Most of the BSC articles on BuzzFeed or Jezebel are going to be written by people who, at one point, “grew out of” the BSC, and probably haven’t thought about it in fifteen years or so. These articles frequently spell “Mary Anne” with a hyphen and “Jessi” as “Jessie.”

So far, this series contains no such mistakes. I can see that the author at least has a lot of BSC info floating around in her brain, although perhaps she has devoted less real estate to this information than the average Stoneybrookite reader. After two parts of this series have been published, I can say that she is batting 500, in Krusher parlance.

Her Mallory is enjoyable. Mallory has gained some prominence as a writer, even if she is self-publishing. I like any vision of Mallory in the future where she is not a loser. I bet that most of us relate way more to Mallory than we would ever admit. Also, she has Mallory be a part of a poly triad, and while it had never crossed my mind before, I can see that happening.

The Kristy one, though, I was not so fond of. Kristy is a mommyblogger after having a bunch of kids and a bunch of failed businesses. I don’t see Kristy as the mommyblogging type. Starting something like Babble and then somehow convincing Disney to buy it? Sure. But blogging, and just sitting there and not bossing anyone around, just typing her thoughts and dealing with photographs and design? Take a look at her first journal entry from Friends Forever:

First day with this new journal. Am inspired by Mary Anne and all she’s been through. Can’t imagine losing nearly everything I own in a fire. Can’t imagine losing nearly everything I own no matter how it happened. MA is being very brave. She managed to rescue her current diary (the little leather one with the lined, dated pages and the lock and key), which is about her only source of memories these days. Am going to start keeping journals and saving them somewhat fireproof. Think I’ll ask Watson if I can put them in his safe.

Kristy never writes her journal entires in complete sentences. She doesn’t want to spend the time. And working part time in a bank? No way. I also can’t see her ever accepting handouts from Watson. Kristy has always been a hardworker and very ambitious.

Now, I can see Dawn becoming a mommyblogger in the healthy living niche easily. She could use her blog as a platform to make herself feel better than everyone else, and her Vista diaries have been good practice for blogging. Mary Anne could get in with the Mormon mommybloggers with perfect houses and children, since she is so domestically inclined. But Kristy? Not enough power in just having a mommyblog.

I have been busy studying for the biggest exam of my life, moving twice, writing my dissertation, etc. Now that I have returned from my 18-hour round-trip sojourn to acquire One (1) document, I am hoping that I should be able to return to semi-regular posting. Even though I still have to write my dissertation.

Anyway, I would like to show you this:

It is a website with pictures of food and oddly-spelled captions, and to me, it captures the SPIRIT of Claudia Kishi and her Disposable Comestibles.!

Coming up when I get around to it: my all-time, top 5 best/worst BSC boys.

“Fun bag”? Not only is it also a slang term for boobs, but they totally stole the Kid-Kit idea from Kristy. She should sue.

(via Everything is Terrible)

Site stuff: I am currently working on two real posts and considering a redesign. Whew. More exhausting than making sure your clients paid you more than ten bucks.

Entropificus is doing a series of drawings where she recreates Claudia’s outfits as described by Ann & co. Definitely worth checking out.

I like to check out Ann’s website every once in a while. She doesn’t update all that frequently–maybe once every two or three months–so it’s a nice surprise when there’s something new.

It has been updated for April, with a 25 Random Things post. Sound familiar? In this missive, we learn that Ann (gasp!) likes I Love Lucy and salmon–I thought she was a vegetarian? Maybe she just doesn’t eat red meat.

About this list, Ann writes,

If you’re familiar with the Internet (and since you’re reading this online, you probably are!), a lot of questionnaires, quizzes, and polls may have come your way. I’ve definitely seen my fair share of these, but nothing had caught my eye until a friend sent me her “25 Random Thoughts.”

She then talks about how much fun she’s been having reading her friends’ lists. Now, it’s entirely possible that maybe her friends are just emailing her this stuff. But questionnaires? Quizzes? Polls? It’s pretty obvious that Ann has a facebook account. And sits around doing quizzes like “Which Wizard of Oz character are you?” and posting them to her news feed.

Peter Lerangis has a facebook page. And Ann has an official page, so you can be her fan. But I bet that her real facebook page, where she posts pictures of her dog and her latest sewing projects, is hidden. Smart lady, that Ann.

Yahoo! Answers is basically a repository of FAIL. The following question is proof positive of this fact:


Let’s dissect the many layers of FAIL in this question. Wanting to know how to best contact Peter Lerangis isn’t FAIL, because how do you think I found this question? I was googling that shit. No, the issue here is that the asker wants to know 1) Where Peter Lerangis lives 2) because they want to write him an email 3) and how many stamps it would require.

OK, first of all, you don’t need to know where someone lives to write them an EMAIL. You need their EMAIL ADDRESS. You also don’t need STAMPS to write an email. Emails are FREE. And even if the asker were writing a letter, presuming they live in the United States, he/she should know that a normal letter can be mailed using ONE STAMP.

Has your head exploded yet? Mine has.

Many have noticed that the wiki is broken. I don’t know how to fix it. If you know some stuff about MediaWiki/PHP/MySQL, and want to help–please email me at greer @ or reply to this post. I will send you a fun surprise in the mail or something, and you could rest easy at night knowing that you have helped BSC fans everywhere.

Thank you!!

Did you know that Lois Lowry has a blog? So does Meg Cabot. Meg’s blog is very relatable, because she talks about things like the latest episode of Gossip Girl. Tuesdays (or Wednesdays, depending) are often reserved for serious discussions of CHUCK BASS around these parts.

What other middle grade/YA authors do you know who have interesting blogs?

Speaking of Lois Lowry, I have been rediscovering Anastasia Krupnik lately. I think one of the things that make Anastasia books so enjoyable–besides the fact that they’re laugh-out-loud funny, so much so that my mother has commented on it while I was reading on the couch–is that her family just seems so cool. You read it and think, “Now this is the family I should have had!” (Not that I don’t love my family or anything.) Harvard professor dad, illustrator mom, cute and smart little brother… all witty and understanding. Plus, they live in a really cool Victorian house with a study full of Great Books.

Who is your favorite fictional family?

Also, I feel a little harsh in my treatment of Dawn Schafer in my recent post. So soon I will write about what I like about Dawn. She was, after all, my favorite character for a while in my childhood, and there are certain ways in which I really relate to her now.

AOL’s Hometown shut down on Halloween, taking one of the best BSC resources out there (The Baby-Sitters Club Companion) with it. After a quick google search, I found its new home. The full site isn’t up yet, so to navigate, keep on changing the url–bscchap1 to bscchap2 and so on. Happy reading!

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