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I got an email from my hosting company last weekend, telling me that the database for the wiki was too big and I needed to fix in two days or all of my sites would be taken offline.

Fixing it required using things like MySQL and SSH, which are a little outside my comfort zone. I considered just deleting the wiki altogether. I didn’t want to lose my other sites and projects. But I thought about how much work had been put into it, and not only my own. So I learned what I had to learn, and the wiki, and the rest of my sites, are still up.

The wiki is kind of a failure on my part, I admit. The MediaWiki software is complex, and we were kind of killed by a spam attack, to the point that another BSC wiki site sprung up in its place. Completing it so that it was the wiki I want would take up too much time that I, as someone who makes most of her money through freelancing, can dedicate to it at this point in my life.

But still I wish it had accomplished my goal as a Complete Guide for the entire series. This will probably never happen now, but I’m still not going to delete it and completely destroy any possibility of that happening.

I do still want to write a big post on possible analogues for Stoneybrook’s neighborhoods based on Princeton, and perhaps search for photos of Princeton in the 50s and 60s so we get a good picture of what Ann’s mental picture of Stoneybrook is like.

At the moment, however, I am really putting all of my efforts into the Wiki. My original goal was to call it the Complete Guide Project and just have the books that were published after the Complete Guide came out. Now I am more like “EVERYTHING IN THE SERIES EVER,” and when it’s more complete (i.e., with more-or-less finished articles for all the books), it will have basically all the info on every book and related series.

I am, of course, only one person. My current rate seems to be one or two books a week. There are still so many books to do. What I’d really like is for more people to start working on it with me, but we’ll see. I also would like to add links about certain books or characters or topics to the “external links” section, so if you know of a good BSC site that is not already in the sidebar, please leave a comment with the link so I can check it out.

I’ve reopened the wiki! You can now register and edit. If you were already registered, your account is still good.

I’m really excited right now, because I finally figured out (and was brave enough to try out) some technical stuff in the wiki and have managed to get rid of all the spam entries. (There are still spam accounts to get rid of, but it’s not as big a deal.) It is such a great feeling to click on “random page” and to land on a legit wiki pages, or to look at the list of all pages and only see our work.

I have a few more things left on my to-do list, and then I am going to reopen the wiki. For now, I’m going to test out letting anyone register and edit. If captcha doesn’t work the way I hope it does, I will be a bit more restrictive and require approval for new accounts. (If you had an account before, it still works.) I hope, though, that editing will be a quick and easy process for members of the fan community and we can all work together on expanding what we started working on forever ago–2006? 2007? I don’t even remember anymore.

Anyway, once the wiki is open, then I’ll work on changing the layout for the blog. So watch this space and various other places around the fandom that Baby-Sitters Club Wikipedia has reopened and waiting for new edits!

*hangs up a banner from the 70s to be an individual*

I know, I know, I’m late. Kristy’s giving me a look right now. One of my problems with this blog is that I am always thinking of “new” things I’d like to write about, but then I look through my archives and realize I’ve already done it. This blog’s second incarnation was created in April 2002. That is nearly twelve years ago. Someone born then would already be a seasoned junior member of the BSC. I had another version even earlier, but I don’t remember when that was; probably some time in 2001. (You can read the earliest article still on the internet here.)

Am I saying that I have run out of BSC subjects to discuss? No. I think there are lots of nuances still left to uncover and discuss to death, and the active discussions on the BSC Boards are proof positive of this. What I am saying is that I need to make more of an effort and be more creative, and also redesign the blog so it looks like it is 2014 and not whatever year it was the last time I redesigned it, which I think was, uh, when I moved to wordpress and when the archives of this incarnation of the blog start. (I added a header image though; doesn’t that count for something?) I also need to use social media tools more–I set up a facebook page thing but never used it–and I hope to re-open the wiki for editing soon, once I get some technical backend stuff working.

What I’d like to know is, what kinds of articles would you like to see from me? Is there anything under the hot, steamy Stoneybrook sun that I haven’t covered yet? Let me know in the comments, and also tell me if you prank-called the Bart Man at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s.

As it turns out, updating the wiki was waaay beyond my capabilities since I am not Janine Kishi and work twice a week, freelance, and study full-time and didn’t want to muck around with SSH and potentially risk losing all the work put into it. I instead decided to outsource it, and had these guys do it, and I highly recommend their services for such things on the internet that you don’t want to do yourself.

I do, however, also want to add a captcha to each editing page, so if you can be of service, let me know in the comments and we’ll tawk, as Stacey said that one time in one BSC book, the name of which escapes me right now.

The wiki is down and I’m not sure why, exactly, but I am waiting for some technical support from my hosting company to figure what happened. They recently updated the PHP on all servers, so that may be why. But don’t worry; it wasn’t hacked or anything. As soon as this error is resolved, the wiki should be up and running.

  • A questionnaire Ann filled out for Scholastic.
  • Powell’s Q&A with Ann and Laura Godwin

    Also, if you would like to work on the wiki, we ask that you check out the WikiGuide first, to get a feel for the proper format of the wiki.

  • We now have over 500 articles on BSC Wikipedia, which is really exciting. If you haven’t joined yet, please do, because we want it to cover all the minutiae of BSC. If the system we have set up seems complicated and you’re a bit overwhelmed, don’t worry about it. We can always edit into BSC wikipedia format later–we just want the hard data!